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Our goal

Crown Hub Limited is the leading independent and fastest-growing oil company in Kenya with plans to expand in Africa.  We are focusing on building a wide network of commercial and industrial clients in Kenya and Africa at large for our main core products with include Premium Motor Spirit Illuminating Kerosene and Automotive Gas Oil (AGO) – Diesel Fuel.


We believe that fostering long-lasting partnerships with our customers and partners is the key to long-term growth and success which enable us to develop the best customized solution to optimize every supply and distribution of our products to where the demanding markets. 


Our solutions

energetic services & Solutions

Timely Delivery

Timely and seure delivery

Project Assistance

Delivery assistance and customer service


Research on new technologies and procedures.

Long-term relationships

Long and healthy client relationships.

vision for the future

our vision

Our business covers the trading of refined petroleum products and natural gas to retail and commercial channels, operation of oil depots, storage and transport services. Integrated logistics services include hauling and transportation to delivery locations such as petrol stations, airports and more.

With our vision to be an indispensable partner in the journey of everyone whose life we touch, Crown Hub Limited is committed to deliver world-class services, empower people, and inspire every entrepreneurial spirit in the industry of Energy and Petroleum.

crown hub limited


To become the leading supplier of top quality oil products in Kenya, East-Africa & Beyond.


To be an indispensable partner in the journey of everyone whose life we touch.


We leverage our network connections and cutting-edge technology to improve the way we do business and simplify the logistics procurement process


efficient and secure delivery

We supply  variety of businesses in Kenya and East Africa with the best quality petroleum products.

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